Welcome back from her well deserved holiday, Pam our Operations Manager. Having over 18 years experience with Sterling, Pam is as familiar with the day-to-day needs of our clients as she is with every aspect of lottery administration. Pam oversees the smooth running of our office, and helps to create a great experience for our …

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 is sterling’s newest product. Clubdraw is a £2 weekly subscription lottery with zero risk and 50% profit guaranteed. Plus a shared jackpot: £25,000 prize for the winner £25,000 donated to your cause Soon to be added to our Sterling Web Site but to find out more contact:  to engage support and …

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Funds for Heroes

A new organisation to the Unity lottery is: Haig Housing’s Trust’s Coming Home Campaign: -to raise funds to provide specially adapted housing for severely injured and disabled Service and ex-Service people. We look forward to working with Haig Housing’s Trust’s to help them build a successful lottery.