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Payment processing


Payment processing

Enhance player care and engagement with a range of payment options

We handle a diverse range of payment types across our extensive client base. It's not just about collecting money - it's about maximising your returns, minimising your own workload and engaging with your supporter base all in a fully-secure, wholly-compliant, highly-efficient way.

We offer a range of different payment methods and we can help you choose which are most appealing to your audience and appropriate for your objectives.

Lottery Direct Debit services

We’re a Bacs approved Direct Debit Bureau and accredited Direct Debit Facilities Management provider offering two different types of Direct Debit service:

DDFM (Direct Debit Facilities Management) services – our most popular option, we set up and manage a SUN (Service User Number) on your behalf; the perfect solution for new launches or for lotteries needing to switch legacy Direct Debits from their existing supplier.

Bureau services – for larger organisation who already have their own SUN, we manage your Direct Debits on our systems using your Service User Number (SUN); for existing lotteries who don’t need to undergo a bulk transfer process and instead wish to switch their SUN management over to us.

Card payments

We’re accredited PCI DSS compliant for taking both offline and online card payments. We offer a fully-managed Merchant ID (MID) and our own payment gateway which we can set up for you, or, if you have your own, we can work with your existing MID.

Our MID – we can set you up to use our MID quickly and easily, enabling you to take card payments on our systems – our MID comes with our own payment gateway system for online use, is gambling-approved and issued through Barclaycard.

Your MID – if you do have your own MID to use for gambling we can integrate this into our systems for you, providing all the reporting you need to stay in control of your transactions.

MOTO payment gateway – we’re approved to take both telephone and mail order payments; over our secure phone system, our team are trained to handle customer card details, while postal payments are received and processed at our secure premises.

Online payment gateway integration – we’re PCI DSS accredited and process thousands of online card payments every week through our fast, secure and compliant web software.

Standing Order

Not many new launches offer Standing Order but for older lotteries with legacy players it can be very important; we manage Standing Orders for many of our longstanding clients and, if you currently take Standing Order payments, we’d be happy to manage them for you.


A great way to engage with your corporate supporters is to offer Payroll as a payment option; widely offered through our Workplace lotteries, we manage Payroll payments for tens of thousands of lottery members.


A popular choice with certain audiences, cheques can be offered across your gaming portfolio; we process, bank and thank securely on your behalf.

Gift Vouchers

You might choose to offer your supporters the opportunity to buy Gift Vouchers, to give to family and friends.

SMS (Text Message)

Utilising a Lottery or Raffle Shortcode, we can accept payments by text message, in a similar way to text donations; we’ve got a solution for one-off text payments (suitable for Raffle and Prizedraw) and for regular payments (perfect for lottery players).

Building payments into your gaming strategy

Your payments strategy can define your gaming offering. There are many factors to consider, and we’ll help you arrive at the payment strategy that works for you:

  • Different audiences engage more readily with certain payment methods
  • Consider the balance of converting one-off payments into regular subscriptions
  • Your entry channels may also dictate what payment methods you offer

Converting existing lottery players

If you have an existing lottery and want to switch to us, we’ll work with you to seamlessly transfer any payments you currently offer onto one of our lottery platforms, for us to manage on your behalf.

Let’s talk about payment options

We’ll work with you to strategically plan your gaming development, and payment methods areoften a key part of this. Contact our friendly, helpful team to start planning your next step in charitable gaming.

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