Lottery Rollover Winner Donates to Charity

Scarborough’s Saint Catherine’s Hospice was wowed by the generosity of one of their members who donated the £2,600 she had won on their lottery, back to them.

Winning the money following a 13 week rollover, the generous lady said:” I am absolutely over the moon and am absolutely thrilled to be able to do it. They can have it back, I am just happy to help.”

St Catherine’s lottery has been administered by Sterling Lotteries for over 15 years and Richard Dixon Managing Director of Sterling said “we are delighted to hear about the generosity of this particular winner. It is great to be in a   business where we can help good causes at the same time as helping people win big money.”

Needing £5m a year to maintain the service the hospice provides, Christine Craig lottery coordinator commented “we are absolutely delighted because all the funds go towards patient care.”

For more information about the hospice lottery contact 01723 356028.

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