Back from Marrakesh!!

Sterling’s Client Account Manager, Sam is feeling very relaxed following her holiday to  Marrakesh. Sam is our expert on lottery marketing and promotion. She regularly monitors all our lotteries, in order to provide specialist advice on growing and maintaining membership numbers. Her experience also ensures that our Raffles clients get the best …

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Welcome back from her well deserved holiday, Pam our Operations Manager. Having over 18 years experience with Sterling, Pam is as familiar with the day-to-day needs of our clients as she is with every aspect of lottery administration. Pam oversees the smooth running of our office, and helps to create a great experience for our …

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National Kidney Federation Winner

A triple kidney transplant recipient is a delighted £1000 winner in the National Kidney Federation’s Unity lottery. Understanding the good work the NKF does firsthand Mr Philp said “when I opened it and I had got £1000 I couldn’t believe it.” Peter Revell, head of fundraising at the NKF, said he was very happy …

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Winners for RHS

Sterling are busy today completing the draw for the: RHS Spring Raffle -there are 20 lucky winners with a top prize of 5,000. Sterling can provide a solution for all your raffle administration.


 is sterling’s newest product. Clubdraw is a £2 weekly subscription lottery with zero risk and 50% profit guaranteed. Plus a shared jackpot: £25,000 prize for the winner £25,000 donated to your cause Soon to be added to our Sterling Web Site but to find out more contact:  to engage support and …

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Good Response

Stering Lottery Forum banner

We are pleased with the response so far to attend Sterling’s Lottery Forum 2013 “Double your lottery in the next 12 months” To find out more and book a place visit

Funds for Heroes

A new organisation to the Unity lottery is: Haig Housing’s Trust’s Coming Home Campaign: -to raise funds to provide specially adapted housing for severely injured and disabled Service and ex-Service people. We look forward to working with Haig Housing’s Trust’s to help them build a successful lottery.  

Want to Double Your Lottery?

Sterling Lottery Forum logo

Sterling are inviting you to attend our: Lottery Forum 2013: “Do you want to double your lottery in the next 12 months?” Venue: The Stratford Manor Hotel Date: 10th October 2013 To fnd out more visit

New Unity Website

We are pleased to announce that the rebranding of our Unity website is now complete with a vibrant look and easy ‘to join’ facilities for everyone. We have nearly 200 charities in Unity and around 480 – 500 winners’ each week. A great way for organisations of all sizes to raise funds with zero risk. Visit and …

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Rollover Winner for St Mary’s Supporter

A delighted Mr Pat Smith receives a cheque for £10,000 from Zoe Guest who is Funding and Operations Manager for St Mary’s Hospice; which provides specialist supportive and palliative care for people throughout South Cumbria. The prize was the winning number for the rollover in the weekly lottery, administered by Sterling and which …

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