Pushed to extremes for charity

Nigel from Miller Waite walking for charity

When we think of walking in the Lakes we might consider 6 or even 8 miles as a good stroll. 12 miles would be tough, 20 miles a real challenge, but 40 miles? You’re having a laugh!

No joking about for Nigel from our IT department though, who managed 40 miles in just over 10 hours in the Keswick to Barrow walk. He took part in the challenge raising money for St Mary’s Hospice, alongside hundreds of other walkers all out to push themselves and raise some sponsorship cash for their chosen charities. This 40 mile stretch is a doddle for Nige, though, who last year walked an eye-watering 55 miles in the Bogle Stroll around Manchester! We hope he packed a spare pair of socks on THAT walk…

Nigel is part of the team from Miller Waite who are working on-site here at Sterling, to supplement our existing IT department while we work on developing our new software. He’s always up for a challenge in an IT sense as well – from rambling to programming, Nige is your man!

In fact, there’s quite a few of us here at Sterling who enjoy putting ourselves through gruelling challenges and lots of pain – the boss himself is one of those who must have a screw loose, cycling 112 miles in the Fred Whitton Challenge! He completed this one in support of Macmillan, raising £207 for the cause. Nice one Richard!


Let us know about your sponsorship challenges over on our Facebook page. And no – sponsored chocolate eating in front of the telly does not count!

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