The change to the £5 prize – Update

The change to the £5 prize 

By Jessica Younger, Client Services Coordinator 

On 1st July 2017, Unity implemented a brand new prize for a 3 digit number match of 5 Prize Entries. Now, every time your players get a 3 digit number match to their lottery number, they are automatically entered for 5 Prize Entries into the following weekend’s draw.

Your players get 5 more chances to win up to £25,000, and your charity receives at least 50% profit on the additional 5 entries won; an additional £2.50.

This has made a huge difference to charity profit week by week; since this change, over £70,000 extra has been made for charities across Unity!

We’ve had a great response from the players, too; with 99.867% choosing to stay with 5 entries as opposed to a £5 cheque.



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