£1,000 Winner

A Cumbrian (Dalton) woman is celebrating winning £1000 in a lottery that helps raise money for two local churches.

The winner, who asked not to be named, won the money in last week’s draw for the lottery that helps raise money for St Mary’s Church, in Dalton, and St Peter’s, in Ireleth, both in South Cumbria.

Rev Mitchell said being part of Unity helped the churches raise nearly £400 a month.

He said: “We set up an individual lottery scheme with Sterling just after the millennium but then Sterling suggested it might be a better strategy for us to join Unity.

“Each month we can raise just under £400. The move to Unity was one of the best moves we have made because we are guaranteed that amount each month to help run the churches.

“The funding we get from the lottery goes into paying for general costs like our insurance and paying United Utility bills and gas and fuel. If we have any spare we can put into any special projects.”

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