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Unity – just for small charities? Not anymore

For more than 10 years, the Unity Lottery has been the platform of choice for charities to run their fundraising lotteries. As Sterling’s most widely used lottery service, Unity allows charities and good causes of all shapes and sizes to launch their own lottery without the challenges that come with covering administrative costs and prize funds.

In 2007, Unity was designed very simply for small charities with little to no budget. 50p of every £1 played goes to charity profit, and the other 50p covers admin costs and the prize fund – simple!

Today, Unity hosts over 350 charity lotteries. But what we’ve found is that the breadth of charities that use our Unity service has expanded far beyond the smaller charities that Unity was originally designed for. As charities become more risk-aware and fundraising increasingly challenging, we’re now seeing clients from larger, national charities looking to Unity to make the most of a risk-free option; using this to organically grow their lotteries at a rate that is comfortable to them. This gives charities a wider range of options as their lotteries grow in size; to stay with a risk-free option, or move into a standalone lottery if desired.

Seeing this shift in the approach of charities and good causes begs us to ask the question; how can Unity better serve our expanding breadth of clients?

Here are just a few of the ways that we’ve developed Unity in the last 12-18 months to enhance the service available to good causes:

  1. Changed the 3 digit number match prize from £5 to 5 entries into the next draw; charities now get an additional £2.50 profit for each player that wins against a 3 digit number match
  2. Improved reporting; now includes Membership Data, Draw Entries, Draw Breakdown, Payment Report and Winners, sent through a password protected secure link for improved security
  3. Increased Profit Thresholds; offering more profit per £1 for charities with larger entry numbers
  4. Using your Letterhead; option to use your charity letterhead if you have entry numbers over 1,000 per week
  5. Payment by BACS; all charity proceeds now paid by BACS (previously cheque!); straight from your lottery into your bank account on a monthly basis

Unity has evolved over its lifetime to be responsive to the needs of charities; and in the last 12-18 months, has accelerated massively.

Want to learn more about how Unity can work for your charity or good cause? Get in touch with our Client Services Coordinator, Jessica Younger, who can tell you everything you need to know.

Jessica Younger, Client Services Coordinator
01229 871380

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