Sterling Lotteries

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Meet the Team

Richard Dixon, Managing Director.

Richard took over from his father Eddie Dixon, in 2005. Hands-on and always keen to meet face-to-face, he’s determined to make lottery fundraising a real possibility for every good cause. That’s why Richard pioneered our Unity scheme in 2007.

Denise Williams, Business Development Manager.

Denise leads our Account Management team and ensures clients are supported with the resources and expertise they need to make their lotteries a success. She oversees the setup and transition of new lotteries, giving new clients a warm welcome to Sterling.

Karl Wild, Business & Compliance Manager.

Karl’s our expert on all things legal; contracts, legislation and Gambling Commission compliance. He ensures our clients feel confident that every aspect of their lottery’s administration and banking is completely above board.

Donna Christie, Lottery Operations Manager.

Donna leads our dedicated team of Lottery Administrators, who work with their own list of lottery clients. This means you’ll build a great working relationship with a dedicated contact, someone who’ll know your lottery inside out.

Mark Bailey, Management Accountant.

Mark heads up the team of Accountants who assist our clients with everything from lottery bookkeeping to Gambling Commission returns. A stickler for detail and a perfectionist through and through, Mark ensures client’s finances are firmly in order.

Andrew Campbell, IT Manager.

Andrew spearheads the design, maintenance and update schedule of our own lottery administration software – Pathway. It’s the system we use to administrate lotteries in-house, as well as the one we offer to our Pathway clients, so its accurate performance means everything to us.

Naomi Milburn, Raffles Administration Manager.

Naomi is our raffles champion, maximising the success of client raffle campaigns through precise planning, accurate administration, and comprehensive reporting. She runs a tight ship, managing a large team in our brand new raffles office.

Shirley Adams, Client Account Manager.

Shirley is our expert on lottery management, marketing and promotion. She regularly monitors all our lotteries, in order to provide specialist advice on growing and maintaining membership numbers. She fields client queries like a lottery mastermind!

Phillip Gerrish, Digital Marketing Manager.

All things web and social are set to snowball in the lottery world, with more and more players entering online. Phil lives and breathes ‘digital’ – advising our clients and making sure they’re ready for the next era of lottery fundraising.

Claire Crisp, Marketing Projects Coordinator.

Claire’s job is twofold: to shout about all things Sterling and to give new clients a warm welcome and efficient assimilation into our lottery operations. Whether setting up a lottery for the first time or checking us out as a potential alternative provider, Claire has all the answers you need to make your decision.

Jessica Purvis, Client Services Coordinator.

Jess joined us recently from a strong marketing background and has extensive experience in video production, social media and brand development. She lends her expertise to our clients and assists them in growing their lotteries using these tools.

We’re dedicated to helping you make a difference. That means we’re dedicated to efficiency, transparency, and great working relationships.

Sterling was founded in 1982. By the early 90s, we’d developed the first membership fundraising lottery ever to raise funds for a UK hospice. Now, our experienced team of 42 staff deliver a range of lottery administration services to over 250 organisations – helping them to raise over £45million in 2011.

Our offices are in Barrow, on the edge of the Lake District. You’re welcome to visit us, anytime.