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A message from Richard our MD about our colleague and friend Donna

I am writing this message with deep sadness and a heavy heart to inform you of the death of our colleague and friend, Donna Christie, who passed away on 29th March 2024.
It is very difficult for me to know what to say. I have been trying to write this for hours, and in the end have just written down my thoughts as they came to me.
She meant a lot to her Sterling family and different things to each of us, but I want to share with you what she meant to me.

So let me start with what Donna meant to me as a person.

Donna was an amazing person to have known and to have worked with: hard working, committed, kind, generous, supportive, resilient.
She always took a no-nonsense, straight talking, let’s get the job done approach to things. Maybe this is why her office mug had the legend ‘Bossy Boots’ on it! She always looked after her team – she would always support them and help anyone who needed it.
Donna was a force of nature who always got things done.

Donna was a key part of the Sterling team.

Donna started at Sterling in 2009 and over time became our Head of Lottery Operations, because of her no-nonsense can do approach. Donna made a huge contribution to Sterling and to the growth of Sterling.
Over the years she worked first-hand with many of our clients, but even to those she might not have worked with directly, she was behind the scenes of every lottery and fully committed to every client we work with.

Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021.

Throughout her illness she remained resilient, tough, positive. I never once heard her complain. Not once. She just rolled her sleeves up and took on what she needed to, to try and beat it. Donna was one of the strongest people I know. She was an inspiration to me in how she faced adversity.

I will always remember Donna as not just a colleague but as a friend.

She had a great sense of humour. She could always find the funny side of something which was part of her positive approach and can do attitude.
Those of us at Sterling will know how Donna absolutely loved Christmas, so much so that she even called herself ‘Mrs Christmas’ - I am definitely a Grinch I’m afraid – but at Sterling we will be having extra special celebrations for Christmas 2024 to make sure we do Donna proud.

Donna leaves a huge hole in Sterling not just as our Head of Lottery Operations but as our friend, too.
I will miss you Donna, as will everyone else you worked with at Sterling.
I want to thank everyone in advance for your support while our team are processing this news. We remain committed to the smooth operation of your lotteries and raffles, as Donna would certainly have wanted.

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