Giving through charitable gaming

Animals & Pets


Animals & Pets


Animal Rescue Cumbria

  • We are: Animal Rescue Cumbria - Local Charity
  • We've been a client since: 2015
  • Right now we love:Unity Community
  • Because: it helps our small charity run a lottery with no risk
  • It helps us to: take in and rehome over 300 dogs, cats and kittens every year
  • Our approach: engaging our local community 


  • We are: PDSA - National Charity
  • We've been a client since: 2017
  • Right now we love:Vanguard Lottery
  • Because: we can engage our supporters with a guaranteed weekly win
  • It helps us to: work tirelessly across 48 Pet Hospitals and provide 2.7 million veterinary treatments; helping over 470,000 much-loved pets
  • Our approach: launching the lottery to celebrate 100 years of PDSA

Animal Health Trust

  • We are: Animal Health Trust - National Charity
  • We've been a client since: 2018
  • Right now we love:Unity Community
  • Because: it provides sustainable funds to improve the health of all animals
  • It helps us to: diagnose and prevent problems, and, where we can, cure them; and then share our knowledge to benefit animals all around the world
  • Our approach: promoting our lottery at events like Crufts!

British Trust for Ornithology

  • We are: British Trust for Ornithology - National Charity
  • We've been a client since: 2017
  • Right now we love:Raffles
  • Because: it helps engage and give back to our valuable supporters
  • It helps us to: develop our understanding of the ever-changing fortunes of Britain’s birds and make a real difference to their future
  • Our approach: reaching supporters with a variety of prize-led fundraising

Horseworld Trust

  • We are: Horseworld Trust - Regional Charity
  • We've been a client since: 2017
  • Right now we love:Unity Community
  • Because: it is a great way to start a new lottery
  • It helps us to: save the lives of abandoned, neglected and mistreated horses, ponies and donkeys throughout the South-West
  • Our approach: getting creative with digital promotion

World Animal Protection

  • We are: World Animal Protection - International Charity
  • We've been a client since: 2016
  • Right now we love:Unity Bespoke
  • Because: we can make the most of a risk-free lottery whilst engaging our strong brand
  • It helps us to: realise our vision of a world where animals are free of suffering
  • Our approach: using our brand to create an effective lottery ask
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