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PDSA celebrate 100 years with a bespoke lottery launch


PDSA celebrates 100 years with a bespoke lottery launch

PDSA celebrates its centenary by launching a brand-new way to give, that also gives something back to their supporters


To create an attractive lottery game to appeal to a new audience and to engage their lapsed supporters



PDSA's high-profile anniversary was the perfect springboard for the lottery launch



Adds to the prize excitement on top of the weekly chance to win £1,000

From concept to reality

  • Worked with PDSA to explore the potential that a lottery could bring to their charity
  • Presented an extension to the original brief to improve the functionality of the lottery
  • Awarded the tender for the PDSA lottery in 2017
  • Structured a game that would offer weekly prizes to their supporters
  • Enhanced the appeal with the addition of a rollover
  • Launched with a bespoke lottery brand and website for players to sign up

The PDSA and Sterling partnership

When we first started discussing a gaming proposal with PDSA, they wanted to understand what a lottery could bring to their fundraising and the options available to achieve their goals.

Initially looking at an option that would require an external draw management system only, Sterling presented an extension to the original brief in order to illustrate an improved process and lottery structure. After working with Sterling to explore the possibilities, they decided to tender for a full externally managed standalone lottery.

At the beginning of the tender process, we visited PDSA’s offices in Telford to present to the team a full lottery gaming proposal. We were extremely honoured to be awarded the contract to work with the longstanding charity!

The right solution

Vanguard Standalone lottery

Create your ideal game with a standalone lottery. We’ll work with you to structure a lottery that you can have confidence in. Engage your audience with a bespoke prize fund, ticket price and guaranteed prizes for your supporters; and ensure financial viability and a reliable income stream you can depend on.


Happy 100th Birthday!

After supporting PDSA through the promotional campaign process, we successfully launched their first ever lottery draw which coincided with PDSA’s 100th birthday celebrations! A highly recognised anniversary that gained a lot of traction from staff and supporters alike, it served as the perfect platform on which to launch their lottery.

Client Account Manager, Rui, attended PDSA’s 100th Birthday Celebration. There he witnessed first-hand the incredible work undertaken by the charity. During the evening, Military Working Dog, Mali, was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal in recognition of his outstanding bravery during a highly sensitive operation in Afghanistan.

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