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Prize draws


Prize draws

Capture their attention with a high value prize

Just like a raffle, a prize draw competition offers the chance to win a fantastic prize, but works by using a skill-based entry or free route; making it an ideal platform for large budget prizes such as houses and sports cars.

Used by organisations and charities alike, our prize draw service can be used by anyone with a prize to offer who is looking to start from scratch, or to simply widen their approach.

For charities

Ideal to work in tandem with your gaming channels or as a game of its own, a prize draw competition offers a wider appeal to reach new and exciting audiences. Explore the widespread appeal of a prize-led campaign to engage with audiences who may not yet be connected with your cause.

As well as a skill-based entry, you can offer your players a free entry to win your prize; ideal to capture the attention of cold audiences, open the door for optional donations, and maximise the potential for future raffle and lottery asks with new data captured in accordance with GDPR.

For individuals and organisations

If you’re an individual or organisation with a high-value prize, our prize draw competition service offers the perfect platform to run your competition. All you need is an attractive prize, a strong marketing angle and a campaign plan.

This can also work alongside a charitable give, with many prize draw competitions offering a percentage of proceeds to their chosen charity.

All of the administration taken care of

All of the administration is done right here; including data capture, payment processing, running of the draw and reporting.

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