Giving through charitable gaming

Oxfam launch their first ever fundraising lottery


To provide a sustainable stream of regular, unrestricted income, crucial to making sure Oxfam can plan for future humanitarian crises and emergencies


business case

Both parties working together towards one outcome; to get the buy in from Oxfam’s trustees



Strategic campaign length to recruit sufficient lottery players for the first draw in February 2017

From concept to reality

  • Sterling worked with Oxfam to create a business case to present to their trustees for a weekly lottery
  • Provided guidance through the set-up process, including licensing and compliance
  • Assisted in the promotional campaign for launch and ongoing promotion
  • Successfully launched Oxfam’s first ever fundraising lottery

The Oxfam and Sterling partnership

Getting the "buy-in" from their trustees was one of the biggest challenges faced by Oxfam's fundraising team. We worked in partnership to develop a robust, research-based business plan, highlighting predicted revenue growth and the viability of a weekly lottery for Oxfam. This provided a comprehensive understanding of just how the lottery would work, and secured the final go-ahead!

During set-up, our team met regularly with Oxfam to assist with all required processes, such as licensing; ensuring that all compliance was met and that the team felt confident and assured throughout.

From idea, to launch and growth – we assisted with the campaign strategy to recruit and retain a new audience of donors, as well as appeal to existing supporters. Great importance was placed on the welcome journey for new lottery players, with a focus on maintaining engagement. Players received a welcome pack with a desk calendar gift, which marked the dates of the lottery draws throughout the year and striking photography detailed the different ways in which the lottery supports Oxfam’s work; ensuring individuals remain engaged with both the game aspect and the cause that they are directly supporting.

“Sterling was instrumental in helping us to set up the Oxfam Lottery, working very closely with us to set up all the relevant processes and procedures in less familiar territory.”

“It's important to us that we offer a diverse range of ways for people to support our work so that supporters can choose their preferred route, and the Oxfam Lottery is an addition which we hope will continue to prove a popular choice to Oxfam supporters new and old alike.

Sterling was instrumental in helping us to set up the Oxfam Lottery, working very closely with us to set up all the relevant processes and procedures in less familiar territory. They worked in close collaboration with all the relevant teams at Oxfam to understand how we work and adapted their own systems accordingly. We maintain very close contact with Sterling and greatly value their insight, their assistance in setting up new channels, and their constant and proactive support in ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of the lottery. Sterling's dedicated team have been an invaluable and dependable resource, and they have been a pleasure to work alongside.”


Pete Teverson, Oxfam

The right solution

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