Giving through charitable gaming

Launching a fundraising lottery on a shoestring


Launching a fundraising lottery on a shoestring

Animal Rescue Cumbria were aware of fundraising lotteries but concerned that their charity lacked the required budget and resources.


A local animal shelter in need of boosting funds to support their cause with limited budget and in-house resources



Substantial jackpot with smaller prizes to attract players

1 in 63


Gives players a really good chance of winning a prize

From concept to reality

  • Animal Rescue Cumbria wanted to utilise prize-led fundraising but needed a low maintenance, low budget option
  • Unity provides a risk-free platform which requires no minimum entry numbers
  • Once set up, the lottery incurs no further cost to the charity
  • All administration is taken care of, meaning Animal Rescue Cumbria could concentrate on promotion

Finding the perfect platform

Although a well-known shelter in the South Lakes area, Animal Rescue Cumbria relied heavily on donations and the legacy that the founder, Alfred Wainwright MBE, left behind. Their small charity lacked the budget and in-house resources required to host a dedicated lottery, offer a prize fund, and cover administration fees.

Which gaming strategy would work well for their fundraising on an ongoing basis with minimal input required from their team?

"Our small Charity was struggling to fundraise due to limited staff and volunteers. The lottery is a way of raising a regular income, without much manpower needed."

"Animal Rescue Cumbria decided to run a lottery as our small charity was struggling to fundraise due to limited staff and volunteers. The lottery is a way of raising a regular income, without much manpower needed.

We chose Sterling from a recommendation from one of our supporters. Our lottery set up was very easy and the team at Sterling were lovely and explained everything that we needed to know. The staff are extremely helpful and always respond promptly to any queries or help we need.

Being part of Unity gives us a weekly regular income and gives our supporters a chance to help the animals in our care, whilst also having the chance of winning a prize!"


Kerry Hazelgrave, Animal Rescue Cumbria


The right solution

Unity Community Lottery: No overheads, no worries!

With Unity, there are no financial pressures to cover admin fees or prizes. Good causes of any shape or size can choose to invest as much or as little time as they wish in the promotion of their fundraising lottery, with all administration taken care of. At least 50% profit from every £1 played provides a regular income that can be relied upon.


Making it social

The trick to promoting a lottery when resources are limited is utilising your existing resources effectively. We visited Animal Rescue Cumbria to help give them some tips on using their social media and events to introduce and grow the lottery. We were even lucky enough to have a cuddle with some of the furry residents on our visit!

Low on budget, low on manpower, or just testing the water?

If you would like to find out how Unity Community can work for your charity, talk to our team.

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