Giving through charitable gaming

Scouts Raffle - creative gaming from an established brand


Scouts Raffle - creative gaming from an established brand

The Scout Association launch a raffle proposition to diversify their fundraising and engage with new audiences


To devise a gaming proposition and identity within their established brand, launched through a raffle campaign



Working in partnership to deliver a successful creative gaming identity



Agreeing timescales and milestones to keep the project on track

Giving gaming its own identity

  • We composed a brief through research of the Scouts’ existing brand, in consultation with their marketing officers
  • Worked within Acceptable Use brand guidelines while still pushing the envelope to create a new, exciting gaming concept
  • Refined a chosen design direction and applied this to their raffle campaign materials, both digital and print
  • Supported the Scouts to introduce a raffle ask

The Scouts and Sterling partnership

The Scout Association Raffle brand was created through our four-stage development process:

1. Immersion

Every client is unique, so it’s important for our creative team to fully immerse ourselves in the culture, history and spirit of our charities. We spent time researching The Scout Association’s proposition to compose the creative brief – our project blueprint.

This nationally recognised brand had spent many years building a reputation and identity. Our role was to deliver a gaming identity with an exciting new energy that would complement and elevate the established core brand, message and positioning.

2. Development

The most exciting part of any creative project is teasing out new ideas and forming them into fully-fledged design concepts. Our designers worked on different angles, ranging from very prize-led concepts to much more cause-led. This showed the Scouts the breadth of possibilities, and by gauging their feedback, helped our team to find the right balance. We presented a selection of our ideas to the Scouts team, and together we selected a clear direction to develop.

3. Refinement

There are many ways to market a product effectively across all channels and engage with an audience – particularly when it comes to raffles! Different audiences respond differently to prize-led or cause-led asks. The Scouts planned to use their raffle for both supporter development and acquisition, so our gaming proposition had to achieve both outcomes!

Through mock-ups, feedback and refinement, we put the new raffle identity through its paces, creating promotional materials for print and digital to ensure a message that always packs a punch!

4. Launch

The launch programme centred around a direct marketing campaign – the first a mailing pack, and the second a website launch. The packs were sent in an established Scouting magazine mailing, reaching an audience already engaged with the charity.

Adaptable, responsive, effective!

We started with a gaming identity and then worked on marketing materials secondary to this once the identity was nailed down. While this approach means a bit more work upfront, it has equipped the Scouts with an identity they can use again and again throughout their raffle campaigns.

Creative ideas to incentivise giving

We’ve got many creative tricks up our sleeves that could work wonders for your gaming promotions. If you want to stand out and stick in supporter’s minds, speak to us today about our Creative Services. We’d love to work with you!

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