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Launching amidst a pandemic with The Donkey Sanctuary



To help choose a route to success with a suitable platform and strategy



Of intensive kick off meetings


Months in the making

...And 10 months within a global pandemic

From Concept to reality….

  • Sterling worked with The Donkey Sanctuary to create a business case for a weekly lottery launch.
  • Starting with a 2-day intensive kick off meeting to involve stakeholders at all levels.
  • We helped explore options and platforms most suitable for their needs.
  • We provided guidance and advice throughout the set-up process including Gambling Commission license acquisition.
  • Undertook the project of designing the lottery brand from concept to finish including the website, direct mailing and email campaigns.

…Through the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • We called emergency meetings to reformat and adjust plans in the ever-changing climate.
  • The campaign experienced a successful launch, it was delivered on schedule and met player quantity targets.

Navigating the Unknown

One month into the process with The Donkey Sanctuary the COVID-19 pandemic reared its head and required us to adapt to “the new normal”. Undeterred by this new challenge we re-grouped and re-strategized, adapting around the need to cancel the originally planned on-site activities such as physical signups and leaflet handouts.

We reforecast the programme projections and adjusted marketing plans to fit around and adapt to the new restrictions present during this global crisis. To launch a campaign amidst a global pandemic was uncharted territory, but we are delighted to say the launch was a complete success, and our campaigns through Direct Mail and Email performed exceptionally in this current climate.

The right solution

Vanguard standalone lottery

Create your ideal game with a standalone lottery. We’ll work with you to structure a lottery that you can have confidence in. Engage your audience with guaranteed prizes and a bespoke welcome journey, and ensure financial viability with a reliable income stream you can depend on.

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